Top Edge Training actively encourages learner feedback, will listen to that feedback and will act upon it accordingly.

Scope of Complaints Procedure:

The following procedure relates to complaints or issues raised concerning the general delivery of the training. For appeals against assessment or exam decisions, please refer to the Learner Appeals Procedure Stage 1, available on request.

Opportunities for Learner Comments and Complaints

Learners must be encouraged by trainers to make verbal and written comments, both positive and negative, about the training service provided. These comments may be made in a variety of ways:

Verbal Comment to the Tutor

Learners can pass on any comment to the tutor during a course

Depending on the seriousness of the comment the tutor may consider it necessary to pass on the comment to the Director of Top Edge Training. The Tutor may consider it necessary to ask the learner if they would like the comment referred or whether the learner would like to contact the Director.

Written Comment through Course Evaluation Form

Course Evaluation Forms are issued to learners at the end of the last day of every course, and are available on request during the course on request.

All Course Evaluation Forms are reviewed by the Director. Depending on the seriousness or sensitivity of any particular comment, the Director may wish to contact the learner to discuss any issue raised.

Written Comment by Letter or Email

Generally speaking a comment or complaint made by letter of email will be more serious than those made verbally or on an Evaluation Form. All such written correspondence must be brought to the attention of the Director as necessary.

All written correspondence must be responded to, either in writing or verbally, within a maximum of 5 working days, and as soon as practicably possible in all cases.

In all cases any written request by the learner to meet with or speak to the Director must be agreed to as soon as practicably possible.

Options for Learners in the Event of an Unsatisfactory Outcome

Most comments and complaints will be resolved by the tutor or the Director.

If a learner is not satisfied with the outcome or the process being undertaken by the tutor or Director, the matter can be referred to the relevant Awarding Organisation if the course is Ofqual accredited.

If the learner is representing an organisation who are sub-contracting their training to Top Edge Training, the matter can be referred to the relevant representative of that organisation.

Please note that if the course is not Ofqual accredited through an Awarding Organisation, the Director of Top Edge Training is the most senior representative of the organisation, and therefore the complaint cannot be taken any further internally.

Contact Details

In all cases, contact should be made in the first instance by either phoning Top Edge Training on 07519 800899 or emailing The address for all contact is: Top Edge Training, 5, Paradise Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 7SX